To The Shop.

located in southwest atlanta inside the DIY arts complex The Bakery, the cut cake factory is a community of artists with a diverse range of creative backgrounds (from carpentry to electronics) who use the shop for personal, commercial, and community projects. the shop is run by a collective of artists who want to share their tools, knowledge, and space with other creatives that are looking to level up their general building skills while having access to wood shop and other fabrication tools. if you are interested in accessing the shop for regular tool use and/or work space, we offer monthly memberships for $40/month.


shop resources.



as a member of the shop, you get access to a wide range of hand + powered tools. we require new members to take at least one of our Shop Safety Basics class before receiving approval to use the powered saws in the shop, such as the table + miter (chop) saw. view our comprehensive tool list below!



our mission is to promote accessibility of fabrication skills and other resources for artists. each month, we host a number of classes that cover beginner shop safety basics, how to properly operate powered tools, make successful cuts on wood + other build materials, and other fun project-based classes. follow our classes on facebook!


community Projects.

we manage and collaborate on a number of projects, including ones that benefit community organizations. we invite our members + the public to get their hands dirty by helping us build cool stuff and learning about fabrication through hands-on practice during our open build sessions.


shop rules.

shop safety.

your safety + the safety of those around you is our utmost priority inside the shop. when you become a member, you will be required to take (at least) one shop safety class in order to use a number of the powered hand tools + saws that are available for use to members. we want you to get the full benefits of being a member, which includes use of our awesome, but very dangerous tools. this means that we need to know before you use the tools that you are competent enough to operate them. if you’re an experienced fabricator and already know how to use tools like to table + miter saw, then let us know, and you can bypass having to take the required shop safety basics class.

if you ever see something unsafe happening in the space, even if it seems like a minor issue, please notify a shop leader on site and / or submit the issue to our anonymous reporting form here

we require that all members and their guests wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when working in the shop. some PPE items are available for members to use in the shop. please note that not all items may be available, so prepare ahead of time to bring your own PPE or arrange use of proper PPE in the shop with a shop lead.

be smart and outfit yourself for safety in the shop!

availability +

community members have access to the shop + all communal hand tools during the posted hours (which are generally on Thursdays + Fridays, 6 to 10pm / Saturdays, 12 to 8pm / Sundays, 2 to 8pm.

since we are located inside the wider arts complex, The Bakery, the shop can only be accessed by members during the posted hours or if they coordinate with a shop lead

project storage.

need to keep an active project stored in the shop so you don’t have to bring it back and forth from home? that’s cool, but…

1. keep your project stored in one of the appropriate project storage zones

2. label your project with painter’s tape with the following information: your name, phone number, and date when you will remove the project

3. send an email to and describe: where you left your project, what project materials belong to you, when (date) you’ll be removing the project from the shop, and attach a photo of your project in its proper storage spot

keeping your active project in the appropriate storage areas as well as properly labeling it will prevent damage or loss of materials for your project. we cannot, however, ensure full safety of your project and personal belongings if left unattended in the space, so be cautious in leaving anything valuable in the shop.

cleaning up.

the shop is a community space and is most certainly not your house. please clean up any mess that you make and put away any tools that you use each time you leave the space for the day. if you leave a mess or any tools out, you’ll first receive a reminder email about cleaning up and any future infractions may be disciplined more severely.

just please keep the shop clean 💖

tool use.

members have access to all non-powered hand tools (view our comprehensive list here) and materials on the donation shelves. new members are required to either take a shop safety class (view upcoming classes here) or get approval from a shop lead to use one of the powered hand tools or saws.

do not use a powered hand tool or saw unless you have received prior approval from a shop lead this includes guests! if you are found to have used a tool that you’ve not been deemed competent to use (ex. table saw), disciplinary action may be taken as a measure of personal + shop safety.

do not use anyone’s personal tools that they may have brought to the shop for their own use without their explicit verbal or written consent. the cut cake factory is not liable for any member’s damaged or missing tools, but we enforce an ethos of respect for all members to ask consent before borrowing any tools or materials from other members.

if you break a shared shop tool while operating it, please report it by emailing and describe what tool is broken and what happened when you were using it. if you break a shared shop tool while operating it unsafely or operating it without explicit approval / permission from a shop lead, then you may be responsible for any repair or replacement costs for the broken tool.

bottom line ✨ if you are unsure in any way of how to use a tool, ask someone! we’re here to help you learn! so learn safely!!!!


materials use.

there are a number of consumable project materials, such as screws, paint, wood glue, and other items that are available for member use. please note that all materials available for member use are located only in their specified shelving areas, which are labeled “donated materials”.

if you see random build materials laying on a table or anywhere other than the “donated materials” shelves ✨ do not take or use those items without asking a shop lead or the member who owns those items.

if you are found to have used materials that you’ve not received permission to use, disciplinary action may be taken as a measure of personal + shop safety.


if you have a tool or material that you’d like to donate to the shop for member use / classes / community partner projects, we’d be happy to accept your donation! check out our wish list of donation items below ✨ please note that we can only accept safely operating tools that are fully functioning based on their original design. we can't accept hacked tools or tools in need of repair :(

💖 tool + material donation wish list 💖

✨ powered hand tools (drills, impact drivers, sanders, jig saws, and more)
✨ powered stationary tools (table saw, miter saw, band saw, router, MIG or stick welder, and more)
✨ shop tools (braces, clamps, hammers, wrenches, pliers, and more)
✨ build materials, not wood (assorted screws, bolts, wood glue, paint, brackets, and more)
✨ wood (plywood scrap or 4x8' sheets, 2x4 studs, specialty wood, clean MDF, and more)
✨ acrylic (1/8-1" scrap or sheets)
✨ PPE (Personal Protective Equipment - safety glasses, goggles, face shields, gloves (chemical + material handling), padded kickback clothing, lower back supports, earplugs or earmuffs, painting overalls / clothing, respirators, and more)
✨ money (cash or check donation to the Cut Cake Factory LLC to pay for educational costs such as teacher fees + materials - this helps us keep our classes economically accessible!)

fill out this form for donations

reporting an issue.

if there is any kind of unsafe activity occurring in the shop or relating to a member, please report it on our anonymous reporting form so we can address the issue properly. you can also email with any concerns that you may have.

submit an anonymous incident report here

if there is an emergency that threatens the safety or life of any person working in or related to the shop, please notify any available shop lead or staff from The Bakery of the emergency and call 911.