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every month, we host educational programming that fosters the growth of creatives’ wood working and general building skills!

from shop safety basics, to project-based workshops, and community project build opportunities, we provide several avenues that can get you making and collaborating on cool projects!

✨ if you’ve got fabrication skills and would like to share them with students in a class, we’d love to host you as a teacher! send an email to hello@cutcakefactory.com for more information on teaching opportunities.


shop safety basics.

if you’ve never been to (or worked in) a woodshop before - that’s totally cool!

saws and other power tools are incredible assets for building any project, but they can be really dangerous if you don’t know how to operate them. we offer a FREE shop safety basics class each month for new members ($10 for non-members) that covers how to:

✨ dress safely for the shop
✨ operate the saws + community shop tools
✨ learn about the basic materials used in wood working and other fabrication projects
✨ simple project ideas to get you started in building something cool!


project workshops.

once you learn the basics of shop safety (or already feel comfortable in the shop), we host monthly project-based workshops that focus on specific wood working or fabrication skills. this includes learning how to make cool things such as: an upcycled bookshelf, a light-up mushroom log, and more!

scholarship opportunities are available for creatives on a budget that want to take our advanced classes. to learn more, send an email to hello@cutcakefactory.com for more information on how you can take a project workshop at a low (or free) cost.


collaborative open builds.

every month, we host at least one free public open build session where we work collectively on a fun project for a community organization. our community members and the public are invited to join us for our build projects.

for 2019, our main build project will be fabricating a parade float for The Bakery that will debut in the Atlanta Pride Alliance parade in october.

If you’d like to donate build materials, like 2x4’s, screws, or other hand tools, please fill out this form https://goo.gl/forms/iXLSnPeOveGj2GcR2


show off your skills.
earn cute patches.

as you pick up new skills in the shop, you can earn cute sewable patches that show off your blossoming achievements. demonstrate your newly learned skills in a class or at a community project build, and you’ll get rewarded with one of the patches from the list below. note that only members can earn patches!

coming soon >>> patches launching april 2019.