hire us.

our collective member-base is quite talented, if we do say so ourselves.

if you have a project idea that you think we’d be able to make for you, then fill out a project for hire form (found here: https://goo.gl/forms/e6ohe8viHBGEQQuv1). we’re accepting for-hire projects as a means to pay our shop leads, who run the shop on a volunteer basis, pay for class materials, rent, and other lovely expenses that cover running this cute lil community fab shop.

some projects that we could easily make include, but are not limited to:
✨ commercial signs
✨ escape room props
✨ wood, metal, or acrylic-based furniture
✨ full-sized arcade cabinets
✨ BDSM metal racks
✨ manually operated textile loom


member works portfolio.


interaction + electronic design portfolio.


carpentry + woodworking.